About us

F&B Consulenza e Gestione Srl is a consultancy and training company in the Food & Beverage sector founded by Armando Ezio Ferrari and Barbara Agnarelli in 2014.  F&B operates on both national and international markets.

Ezio and Barbara have combined their respective skills acquired in over thirty years of work experience both in the specifically food and wine sector and in other sectors. Starting from the post-university ladder and arriving at the highest managerial levels, they have developed the know-how to operate in the areas of:


Who we address

  • Newcomers to the sector wishing to enter the wine and food world for all-round support
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises wishing to improve their performance
  • Large groups of companies wishing to develop new formats

Areas of competence

• Medium-high level catering
• Traditional catering
• Street food
• Pizzeria and focacceria
• Fresh pasta production workshops
• Gastronomy production workshops

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